Hello Editors of this HSOTD Wikia page,

If you guys aren't aware, there has been a HOTD wikia that was put in place since early July. Since our pages have more content than this one, would it be possible to have a discussion about this with the Wikia staff? We are not looking for any troubles here, but I'm just trying to resolve some confusion and in the case for you editors, wasted time. You guys can find the "original" HOTD wikia by going to We have been running this wikia for about 2 months now, and we have an abundance of high quality content. Although you guys have a lot of information on your pages, and i promise you i'm not disregarding your work, but we simply have an overwhelming amount compared to this one. Mostly because this one is entirely new. Also, if you guys don't wish to talk to Wikia staff or engage in a discussion with us, it would be wise to stop editing this page, and instead work on the original, which admittedly, still has some holes to fill up.

Best Regards,

Donutsonfire 07:36, October 2, 2010 (UTC)